Monday, 22 June 2015

Getting our "Five a Day"

Monday's are supermarket day, time to replenish the depleting stock of fresh food in the house. This generally lasts us until Friday when the fruit bowl, veggie rack and fridge are low on just about everything.
Getting our "Five a Day" is something I always strive for, and for Teen One and I fruit is something we would choose over a lot of other things, so Monday's always means we have plenty to choose from!

Our local paper printed a novel idea for watermelons at the weekend which just had to be tried....

Teen One and I love the look of watermelon. There is something so attractive about that vivid red, with the green, white and black. Teen One has often been drawn to clothing/accessories with watermelon designs, over the years. Not only is it a stunning fruit to look at, its pretty delicious too, especially on a hot day.
I had already planned to buy my usual "chunk" of watermelon so I could try out the recipe, they are usually around 99p.  But today, having picked out my chunk, I turned around and saw they were selling WHOLE melons for £2! So....back went the chunk and into my trolley went this big beauty!

I weighed it when I got home....over 9lbs! My babies didn't weigh that much!
I couldn't wait to get cracking with the lolly making, so cut out a slice...I always think the melon is giving a great big grin when its cut open!
No doubt Teen Two would say it looks like a Pac Man!
The first stage of  making  the lollies was incredibly easy and I can't wait to try one! For the moment they are in the freezer so I will have to be patient.  I don't think I have enough mint in the garden though, having purged it last year. It had taken over the beds, so I pulled it all out and transferred a small amount to a pot, where it can grow without spreading everywhere...expect it hasn't grown much!  I think even without the mint the melon lolly will be deliciously refreshing on a hot summer's day ( which certainly isn't today!)
Dinner tonight is of course leftovers from yesterday's roast chicken. I bought this recipe book last year on a holiday back to the States. It was actually for sale in Louisa May Allcot's Orchard House which we had the privilege of visiting. We have, however, visited Amish Land in Pennsylvania, seven years ago, to see the real people and how they live. I had always wanted to go after seeing one of their quilting exhibitions back in 1996. It was a very exciting visit for me!
The recipe book has a lot of ideas for using up left over definitely has the thumbs up from me!
Tonight I am trying this for the first time... calls for Rice Krispies on the top! Certainly a first for me!
This is the how it turned out. It did as you might imagine raise a smile to see cereal on the dinner plate, but it went down a treat. I have to say, the Rice Krispies lost their crispness pretty quickly, once in contact with the sauce. But nonetheless it was a dish I will do again.
I am experimenting on our "summer decorations" for Teen One. We seem to have a never ending supply of pebbles and shells. Living near the seaside we inevitably come home with a collection, so it seems the obvious thing to use.  I have been filling empty jam jars with shells as well to see what sort of effect that gives. Some twine has come into play as well and I will let you see what I have come up with later.
Of course it would be easier to just go out and buy something, but there is something far more special about creating something oneself and if it can be made  from memories already in the house, all thebetter!
 I am also trying to think of something I could knit or crochet...some bunting maybe...not sure yet.
I did see some very attractive beach hut bunting on ebay yesterday and was very tempted I must admit!


  1. Actually choosing fruit over most things - that is just wrong. Surely it should be chocolate first, chocolate based products next, cakes of any description, sweets Tec. Fruit and veg come well down the list (unless covered in chocolate)!!

  2. Don't worry PD, we make sure we get our essential fix of chocolate too ;)

  3. I love the watermelon idea, must try it. I can't honestly say the idea of 'rice krispie' casserole appeals to me!! I would probably cook it with the cereal topping. I have seen some of you seasonal decorations and they are delightful. Interestingly the decorated jam jars you gave us at Christmas -something similar are for sale from Lakeland at £6. For 2 !!!
    PD !!! I feel such a failure as a mother!! Chocolate with everything Hmmmmm.

  4. Actually the rice crispies aren't sweet at all...just puffs of rice, the recipe called for butter to be dotted on top, so that added a lovely buttery, savoury taste to them....but I was disappointed they went soggy so quickly.
    £6 aye...sounds like I should get Teen One to start up her own business!

  5. Ive seen savoury dishes with cornflake on - so why not rice krispies? As for fruit - I love the colours - but pineapple and melon are my favourites!!

    In terms of seasonal decoration - I agree - bunting is a must! If you iron the fabric onto some firm interfacing and then cut out with pinking shears it cuts down the sewing. Alternatively I have seen crochet bunting on the net.

    As an extreme alternative why not collect flyers etc wherever you visit and then create a different triangle from each one, punch holes in the corners and hang up. You could then create a memory bunting that builds as you go through the summer?

  6. Just thought - I am sure that I have seen mini deck chairs in poundland etc - why not get one - teen 1 can decorate the fabric 9usually cream I believe) and teen 2 can make a Lego monster to sit in the chair?

  7. Looked in the Lakeland Catalogue the jars were £6.99 for two. ,,,!!! Amazing, you could make a fortune teen one. Xx