Friday, 5 June 2015

Day One in Blog Land

Day one of being an author in Blog Land instead of just a reader! Having enjoyed so many wonderful blogs in recent years, and encouraged by a family member's new blog, I thought I would share a year in my life, as seen through my eyes.
My mind today has been very much on the poor teenagers who were on the Alton Towers ride this week, that went so dreadfully wrong. How easily that could have been either of my two teenagers. Whilst we have never actually visited Alton Towers, we have, as have most parents, visited several theme parks, last week being such an occasion. Above is a picture I took at the end of our picnic lunch. Each row represented a ride the kids had been on...I prefer to "look after the bags" these days...and a spot of crochet whilst waiting is a pleasant way to pass the time, whilst watching them enjoy themselves.
As well as thinking of the poor teenagers who have had their lives forever changed.....I thought about the staff member who sent the carriage off. I have often thought how young the staff at theme parks look, many of them just students, in charge of such complex pieces of engineering. I am sure they are given training on how to operate the rides and what to do in the event of an accident, but I doubt any of them are prepared for the catastrophic consequences of a mistake....or a mechanical failure. My heart goes out to the riders and the staff involved.
How thankful I am our day out last week ended in the usual way of a trip to the gift shop and two tired teenagers in the back of the car.


  1. You're so right - of course our sympathy goes out to those families who waved off their children for a happy day out and now have to face possibly life changing injuries. But what about the staff member? Until we know for certain what went wrong human nature seems to want a scapegoat - yet these things are computerised so I am guessing that it is unlikely to be human error. Yet we would all blame ourselves. My heart goes out to all concerned.

    By the way - welcome to blog land xx

  2. You are quite right, we don't yet know the facts, I think my assumption was as the test carriage was still out, the one carrying passengers shouldn't have been sent, but whether it was a mechanical fault or human error, time will tell...whichever it was the staff member whose "watch" it was will, as you say ,blame themselves. Thanks for taking the time to pop over to this part of blog land....not sure my day to day musings will be terribly interesting but it will be fun looking back on how it develops.

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