Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Blessings from above!

Do you remember a few days ago I said "I couldn't help thinking how wonderful it would be to have a strawberry patch in the garden..." well....what do you think happened this morning? I went out to the back of the garage to get the car loaded with yet more garden waste for a dump trip...and look what I saw growing by the wall!
My very own strawberry patch sent straight down from heaven for me! No doubt delivered by a little birdie...prepared months ago, ready for me to find today!
I very carefully unearthed it and brought it into the garden.  It would have been nice to plant it in a terracotta planter, and if I see one cheap in the coming days I will buy one, for the moment it is living rather unceremoniously in this old plastic bucket! I tasted one of the strawberries and it was sooooo sweet! Thank you Lord for my unexpected blessing from heaven!

The loading of the car then unloading at the dump, took about an hour and a half and by the time I got home I was hot, tired and ravenous! I try and avoid mid morning snacks, but today I just had to treat myself to a little sustenance if I was to do anything else around the house that involved using energy! I made myself a lemon curd sandwich, with some fresh wholemeal bread, and a cup of peppermint tea. It was delicious!

The smell of the lemons took me back to a family holiday we had about seven years ago in the south of Spain.
It was a last minute booking, with some friends and their then teenage girls. We chose a villa in the mountains, which had been built in a large orange and lemon grove.

  This was one of our views, hubby's artwork...

This was the villa

It  was a wonderful week for all sorts of reasons, the private pool, which occupied the kids all day and night! The company, the scenery, and also the experimenting with "what shall we make with lemons today?"
Something very quick and easy was Lemon Curd. I had taken some recipes with me, having been told my the owners we were at liberty to use any fruit on the property.
This recipe is made using a microwave and is very simple indeed.
Microwave Lemon Curd
Grated rind and juice of 4 lemons
100g (4oz) butter, diced
450g (1lb) caster sugar
4 eggs, beaten

1.  Mix lemon rind, juice, butter and sugar in a large heatproof bowl. Cook for about 4 mins until butter melts. Stir well
2.Stir in eggs
3.Cook for 5-6 mins whisking every minute, until curd is thick and creamy
4. Stand for 5mins, whisking occasionally
5. Pot and cover
Store in a cool place. Use within two weeks.
To make Orange curd use same as above but one lemon and two oranges.
Today sadly I did not have a lemon grove in my garden to whip up some fresh lemon curd with, so contented myself with Tesco Value range! I have to say, for only 22p a jar, its pretty good stuff!


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmm - lemons have to be my favourite flavour - and lemon curd ALWAYS hits the spot!! Lovely gift of a strawberry plant though - don't you just love it when you find something unexpected like that.

  2. The weird thing is, I have been digging around out the back for a few weeks, trying to get rid of a pile of earth, and today is the first time I have seen the plant!

  3. What a wonderful surprise with the strawberry plant, I really do hope you get a good crop. You mentioned in an earlier blog a Be-Ro recipe book, interestingly I discovered that if you google Be-Ro someone has said that you can still get a early copy for 99p. That would be good. Xxxx