Tuesday, 30 June 2015

An Up and Down day.

Today has been one of those up and down days.  It started with happy things, but then some sadness crept in.
I saw two of my Recycled Teenagers this morning, both of them doing well. One of them had a hydrangea bush in need of a haircut, so I brought a handful of the wonderful blooms home with me. Aren't they lovely!

After lunch Teen One and I went to a fairly new shopping centre. It has been very tastefully designed, with bronze animals around the place....aren't these pair of otters cute! We went there specifically to visit Tiger, which usually has quirky items, and we thought they would be sure to have something for the up and coming Summer party.

We were delighted to find plenty of summery decorations, strawberry plates and beach balls!

Knowing Teen Ones passion for fruit themed items....and strawberry being a particular favourite, it was hard to resist these household items to cheer the  place up with!

Now all this shopping in a heatwave makes for thirsty work, so Teen One and I treated ourselves to an iced drink in Costa....Blackberry and Raspberry cooler with lemon tart for Teen One....
...and the iced coffee I had longed for yesterday, quenched my thirst today.
This random piccie was taken for Teen Two, its his favourite saying at the moment!
Finally, for those who attended Brownies or Guides, you will recognise the above picture as being their trefoil.
Today I had a call from one of my Old Brown Owl's carers to say, if I had intended going in as usual this week, I should go in sooner rather than later. I didn't need to ask why, but my heart was very heavy.
After the shopping trip with Teen One, I called in to Brown Owl. She was sleeping, with very obvious signs she was not expected to live. No phone to hand, no remote control on the bed, no drinks on the tray etc.
I chatted to her a little, telling her how much I had enjoyed our time together and all the wonderful stories she had shared with me, but of course there was no response from her today.
I went into the hall to leave the carers a note, asking that they let me know how things go. I heard Brown Owl crying...I went in...she was still asleep, but crying. I held her hand, sang her hymns  (hoping no one else was around to hear any off key notes or forgotten words!) and she calmed down.
This happened a few times...I would go to leave and she would cry, so I stayed and quoted some comforting Bible verses to her, or sang some Sunday school choruses, and she settled. It was very hard having to leave her in the end, but I had my family to get home for.
I pray she may go to sleep tonight and wake up in a better place, with her Lord.
Its hard to sit here, surrounded by my own family, and know poor Brown Owl is alone,  other than when the carers come in to check on her.


  1. I pray with you that she simply falls asleep - she clearly has her faith to keep her strong. Thinking of you all - it would have been difficult to leave her I know - but she clearly loved you being there.

  2. I can imagine how you felt leaving her, but I am sure she would not want you to be sad. Think of the extraordinary circumstances which brought you together after so many years. She clearly enjoyed your visits, something I am sure she treasured. Think of the lovely times you have had with her.

    Can you explain to a very old lady what does the word Yolo mean!! Or is it something like 'cool'. I have heard of the shop Tiger they highlighted on a TV programme recently, it looked very interesting. Xx

  3. Yolo stands for "you only live once." So Teen Two tends to say it if I am asking him to try something out, but also throws it in randomly!

  4. Right! I understand now! I think. Xx

  5. Last night for example he saw there were some Milky way yogurt/desserts in the fridge, he was getting himself a drink of milk and said "I wonder what it would be like mixed with milk?" I said " well try it" to which he replied "yeah, why not.YOLO!"