Friday, 12 June 2015

A Whole Week of Blogging!

Well I have managed to complete a whole week of blogging. Not sure how interesting it has been to read. Something I think we can all see is....I am never lost for words! I look aghast at my dreadfully long daughter has pointed out I use  "........." rather a lot, I don't know what my English teacher would think of it all I am sure!
Whilst on the subject of English lessons....I came back from the supermarket to find my daughter, ( who from now on will be known as "Teen One"...and you've guessed it, my son will be "Teen Two") almost buried under a mound of paper work on the dining room table, not to mention the box of tissues, disappearing at a rate of knots due to her hayfever. She was compiling a children's book for her A Level homework. Although the exams are all done and dusted, there is still work to be done it seems.

I felt rather sorry for her sitting there for so long, beavering away, so made her one of her favourite drinks. If you like peanut butter, then you will love this! I found in in Sainbury's last year and gave it to her as a stocking filler at Christmas.

I have been gradually clearing out corners and cupboards in a bid to de-clutter, although I am not sure I am winning! Today I found an old biscuit tin and wasn't sure what I would find inside...I hoped it wasn't anything once edible! As it turned out it was a piece of  Teen One's homework from when she was  in Year 7 years. It was made from plasticine and looks rather colourful doesn't it? I can't remember what the exact brief was, I know it was to create a cell and label all the components. Teen One was pretty independent when it came to homework, it wasn't until after she had googled and chosen her cell that I realised it was actually a cancer cell! Oh well, I guess if it wasn't for teams of other dedicated people  looking at such cells, we would not have made the advances on the fight against cancer that we currently have. A big "thank you " to them all.

Tonight was our usual Friday Club at church. The story was "A Bride for Isaac" and our activity was a simple bit of sand art. I downloaded the camel ( oh that I could draw!) from here and then thought it might be fun for the kids to add some real sand. It was very simple, just glue along the bottom of the picture, then using a tray, let the kids sprinkle sand over. Of course there was the inevitable missing of the tray, or hands held way higher than was necessary to sprinkle the sand, so we shall no doubt be feeling grit under foot for some time to come! I did sweep the floor several times, but that gritty feeling just wouldn't go away! Never mind, they had great fun and were eager to know where they could buy some.....not sure their mums are going to oblige though!
Well that was a week in my life...are you up for another 51!

Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Well done for making it to the end of week one. How peculiar is it that you find a model of a cancer cell on the day that I visit a friend who is battling cancer. Life sure is weird sometimes!!

  2. You know what...I thought exactly the same when I read you blog a couple of seconds ago!!!