Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Very Typical and Traditional Sunday

Today was a very typical Sunday for us, and also very traditional. It starts with church and Sunday school,  followed by a roast dinner and then a quiet afternoon. My widowed mother in law spends every Sunday with us and she always enjoys doing a crossword from Saturday's paper whilst we have a cuppa after dinner. As the weather was so lovely we had our cuppas in the garden. I got on with the tedious task of sewing in ends, hubby set about fixing a mini football game that one of the kids at Friday club had broken, Grandma did the crossword, and my daughter relaxed on the sun lounger. My son has found a new game online, so he didn't come and join us, although to be honest he doesn't much like sitting in the garden at the best of times, the bees and flies bother him a bit.

Another Sunday afternoon tradition is playing a game of Scrabble. It's something my in laws always enjoyed, but of course not something one can play we always treat Grandma to a game....she invariably wins...although hubby has been playing it on his pad quite a lot recently, so he is a serious contender for the title! That leaves you knowing where I usually come...and today was no exception...but its not the winning its the taking part that counts...right??
I had made a pineapple and orange pudding for dessert today, and had  a small amount of sponge mixture left over. I went to the cupboard to get some cakes cases out to make half a dozen or so fairy cakes...and came across something I had bought my daughter for Christmas...still unopened....cake pop trays! So, I thought I may as well give them a go.....I was surprised at how easy they came out of the silicone trays...although they did look a bit anaemic...but then they are covered in the oven so I guess they have no chance to brown...and as they are going to be decorated it didn't matter.
My daughter took on the challenge of decorating them whilst we played Scrabble. It was more of a challenge that she anticipated, because...what didn't we have....icing sugar!! ( wasn't in the tumble dryer and hasn't made an appearance yet!) So, jam, lemon curd, chocolate spread and peanut butter became the substitutes.
By a happy coincidence at Christmas, a friend gave me a book on Pop is full of very inspiring and very fiddly looking wonders...whether we will ever match that level remains to be seen, but it was at least a bit of inspiration for us.

The afternoon passed all too quickly, and it was time to get a light tea ready before the evening service ( My son and I stay home for that one) If we have visitors we always have tea up to the table, with a tablecloth, napkins etc....but when its just the five of us, its on a couple of little tables with our plates on our laps. Today's tea had the added bonus of a home made jam tart Grandma had bought with her...including home made apricot jam! Very yum indeed.
With the tea things cleared away, three off to church and my son taking an early bath, I grabbed five minutes to myself in the garden to get the blog updated. What a delight to have a blackbird sing  a beautiful song to me......high up on an a neighbours chimney, he made me feel I was in the middle of the countryside...not a busy city! The blackbird may not have the beautiful colours of the various finches we see around, but they have the most beautiful song. Did anyone see the BBC programme a few weeks ago called "A Dawn Chorus?" It was set in three Devon locations, one being Exeter, the others rural, there was no voice over, just the odd written explanation of the name of the bird singing etc....the whole hour was just bird song. I loved it! I played it on catch up several times...having it on full volume as I was pottering around the was like being in the middle of the countryside. Hubby has recorded it for me, so any time I get enough of the sirens and hurly burly of city life, I can play that and imagine myself in a more peaceful setting.
Orange and Pineapple Pudding recipe
4 oz butter/marg
4oz caster sugar
4oz SR flour
2 eggs
few drops orange essence
Tin Pineapple pieces.
Using the "all in one" method, beat the first 5 ingredients together until creamy. Grease your chosen dish  ( I used a pyrex casserole dish), put the pineapple pieces at the bottom....add the mixture and bake in oven 170 c approx. 40 mins..until firm to the touch and a knife inserted comes out clean.
Serve warm with custard (or cream!)
This is what I call a "quick and easy standby" pud...I generally have all the items in the house and its really quick and easy to could substitute almost with  any tinned fruit , apricot is particularly good, and you don't need to add the essence , but it does make it extra fruity :)
(Sorry there isn't a picture)


  1. You always write so eloquently and depict a beautifully serence life! As for your recipes - I can vouch that they will always be wonderful!

    Lovely cake pops - your daughter is extremely artistic and should be proud of herself. well done x

  2. I can concur with all of the other comment. Such a serene atmosphere comes about when I read the blog. Our life seems so hectic and disorganised in comparison. Well done keep writing such interesting things.