Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Hero in the Family!

With the promise of a sunny day, and some free events going on at the seafront, a picnic lunch just had to be the order of the day. The day started early for me, 5.30am, the one day a week I can lie in...and I wake up and can't get back to sleep! However, I rather like waking early, especially when the sun is shining.
So, I set to preparing for the picnic lunch. It occurred to me that what was a regular beach picnic treat for me as a child, wasn't something I had ever given my own children! "Sunshine Sandwiches" were the order of the day whenever a day at the beach was planned....which was fairly regularly as it didn't cost any money and we seemed to manage to occupy ourselves all day! My mum would sit in a deckchair and knit or read a magazine, whilst we swam, dug for some sand and collected pebbles. As a mum myself I was never brave enough to take my eyes of the children for a second when  we went to the beach, so there wasn't any knitting or reading for me!
As an adult I have often wondered if the idea behind the Sunshine Sandwiches was to detract from the inevitable gritty sand that got into sandwiches!  Today, for the first time, my children sat on the same beach that I did so many years ago,  eating Sunshine Sandwiches,with me sitting in a deckchair!   I am sure all those years ago many families enjoyed such sandwiches, I know hubby did, but they weren't called the same name, For the uninitiated its just butter and sugar...has to be REAL butter, no substitutes!

With time on my hands, I was able to get a sausage casserole ready to go in the slow cooker. It meant no matter what time we got home, I didn't have to think about cooking. Later on I was to be very glad of that decision!
I also had time to try out some more Jam Jar Puds.......
Raspberry and blueberry trifle this time. Its  very easy to accommodate all the likes and dislikes making the trifle like this. I don't like chocolate angel delight and Teen Two doesn't like fruit, so this way we could enjoy what we like!
We enjoyed our picnic on the beach, watching one of the free events, a powerboat race. It was quite spectacular to watch, and I was rather surprised at how close to  the shore the boats got!
Everyone enjoyed the Jam Jar puds, they really have livened up our picnics!

After lunch we took a short walk to the next free event. It promised much in the local paper but sadly the main items we had hoped to see weren't there. There were supposed to be classic cars, a martial arts exhibition, dog show, and several other things. There was a live band, which played some good old favourite such from Joseph's Technicolour Dream Coat, and Les Miserables, and several craft stands. I particularly liked the work of Rescue and Revive and will probably make a  purchase when I can think of  a suitable occasion.
Teen Two however was delighted to find a Circus Skills Tent. We have enjoyed these tents at several places and he really enjoys the various activities available...and all free!
Teen One and Hubby took time to do a little sketching....
Whilst I spent almost three hours untangling the kite string from last weeks epic kite flying!
As I was patiently working my through the spaghetti  like string, I thought "if this gets knotted when we fly them later...that's it....I am not untangling it again...we will buy new string!" I had no idea how our kite flying was actually going to end!
In the Old Testament, birds were instructed by God to feed Elijah with bread and meat. This week however, they have obviously been given a different sort of bring me feathers! As I sat untangling the kite string...look what landed next to me!
To fly our kites, we needed to walk to a larger area, which took us passed this amazing flower bed display. Excellent use of our Council Tax I would say!
Yarn Bombing always brings a smile to my face!
Despite our concerns the wind had died down....Teen Two was able to get his kite out to the full length of the string.
Teen One also had the same pleasure....but found a more comfortable way of doing it....
Sadly...the serenity of this picture was interrupted by Teen Two running passed us at break neck speed shouting..."the string has broken!"
Up jumped Hubby, running off with Teen Two in a bid to catch the string...but sadly the kite just flew and flew, way over the roofs seen here. It was such a sad sight.
Teen Two came back, shoulders low, arms by his side...a very sad lad.
Hubby however did not come back....infact it was about 45minutes before we saw him again!
But when he came back...he came back a Hero!!
Somehow he had managed to follow the line of the string in the sky, through streets, over roofs, quite how I just do not know. He was able to work out the precise garden it eventually came to land in and with the owners help retrieve it! Whoever would have thought it possible!
So.... four hours after I had started to untangle this white ball of was back in a worse state than ever...but never was I so glad to see a knotty bundle as I was today!
We are, however, going to treat Teen Two to a new string!
As a result of all the drama, we were home much later than expected....what a welcome aroma greeted us, the slow cooked sausage casserole, all ready to just be dished up and enjoyed!


  1. Wow - you have packed a lot into one day - again! Love the jam jar puds - again - and the sketches are brilliant - the artists are extremely talented!

  2. By the way I, too, remember sunshine sandwiches - mmmm

  3. Is this a family name for them? Any idea where it originated?

  4. Not sure where it originated from but I had them when I was a child. I can even remember a elderly friend of the fa who sadly is now in a home for Alzheimer patients. Offering my children Sunshine sandwiches but she added hundreds and thousands. Very colourful. X