Friday, 26 June 2015

A Feather in my cap!

As I stepped outside of the house for the first time this morning, I was immediately reminded of  my one of the verses I posted yesterday. A pristine white feather had floated past me, landing on a small patch of grass by our house! Thank you Lord for starting off my day in such an encouraging way. Later in the day I regretted not having taken the time to pick it up so I could show the family. I went out, expecting it to have blown away...but it was still there nestled between the grass, another gentle reminder that our God is still there....keeping us safe from the winds of life!

What a lovely way to start the day, with some encouragement from above!
I decided to shop at Lidls today, for some fresh provisions to carry us through the weekend, and picked up a couple of their crusty rolls, only 15p each. In actual fact they aren't very crusty at all, which I rather like!
I made up a roll each for Teen One and I  of mozzarella cheese, baby plum tomatoes, and the good old faithful basil infused olive oil. I had forgotten to get my usual bag of spinach leaves and whilst the rolls were delicious, I really missed the crunch those delicious leaves add.

Teen One and I had our rolls down on the beach at lunchtime. We took a "quillow" with us, made by the ever talented Young Retiree from Fat Quarters to Fat Free, many moons ago. It has travelled with us to many places that's for sure, today it was ideal as a picnic blanket

We had gone to the beach to collect some stones for tonight's Friday Club. Our story today is from Genesis 28, where Jacob uses a stone as a pillow....I think my above quillow would be more to my liking!
Our local beach is completely stoney, unless the tide is right out, so there is ready supply to choose from!
The children tonight had such fun painting them. I added some PVA glue to the paint so it will adhere better to the stone and should also be a little shiny when it dries. It also meant they could easily add some googly eyes and feathers if they wanted to turn their stone into a little creature.
Teen One usually does an example of our craft projects, for those who need some incentive. Today she painted a star fish, which will go beautifully with our Summer collection at home.
See if you can spot it amongst this glorious array of colour!
If you can't spot it, don't worry, there will be a close up picture of it another time. For the moment all the stones are drying on the window sill at church.
By the way...feathers continued to be a theme today, a church friend who helps at Friday club gave me a carrier bag..." here are some bits given to me but I know I will never use...thought you could find a use for them." The bag had amongst other craft items...two bags of feathers!


  1. wowzer - I recognise the fabric but cant remember making the quillow - but go me!!

  2. It was many moons ago, and many cars ago...we had one that didn't have a heater that worked, so Christmas visits were freezing! You made it to keep in the car so we wouldn't be cold! See how thoughtful you are!!