Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Praying For Manchester

Last night I went to bed rather dreading today...the usual six month dental check up being the reason for my wishing to fast forward the day!
However, when I woke and logged on to my Facebook account, I had a message from a friend across the Atlantic saying how sorry she was to hear about the Manchester tragedy.
At that point I had no idea what she meant, but it didn't take long to catch up with the very sad news.
As a parent I can imagine the horror of the incident unfolding and the panic that would have set in trying to get responses from texts and phone calls...and in turn the agony of knowing some children would have learnt that their parents waiting for them in the foyer had been caught up and killed or injured in this atrocity.
So very very sad and our hearts and prayers go out to all involved.
So....a visit to the dentist was a walk in the park and I chided myself for being such a baby!
On arriving at the dentist for 8.45am I was told my usual dentist was on holiday ( 4mths!!) and I had a lady dentist instead.
I don't know why, but instantly I was more at ease and when I met her I was completely at my ease.
She was chatty and talked me through all she was doing.
Even when she said a small filling was needed in between two teeth I wasn't a bit concerned.
Normally that would fill me with dread at a return visit.
 I am sure it was her easy  "bedside manner" that made all the difference.
My usual dentist is very solemn and doesn't talk at all, even when I try to make small talk he answers with only one or two words.
When I went to make the next appointment I was offered a cancellation at lunch time, which I accepted immediately.
I spent the next couple of hours not worrying at all and even when back in the chair, the injection didn't bother me ( it was a bit painful too) and the drill still managed to hit a nerve which made me jump with the pain, but even that didn't phase me, I felt completely at ease with the lovely lady dentist.
So, its not my fear of pain clearly, its my fear of the man himself!
What a shame he is only gone for four months!
All you dentists out there, take time to just talk to your patients, it can make all the difference!
Whilst waiting for the lunchtime appointment I popped in to town for a few bits.
A family member who we are meeting up with at the weekend has a grandson who is going to Africa in the summer to help out at a Christian mission station.
He is taking out as many essentials/toys as he can and has asked for contributions to fill his case.
I picked up a few bits, thinking of things that are light, don't need batteries, would be suitable for boys or girls etc.
The bottom  two items are giant polystyrene gliders, they look great fun and I thought would keep the kids occupied for hours.
Skipping ropes are always popular as are frisbies etc.
I have a collection of guest soaps from various hotel visits, so will include them and also buy some sanitary products later in the week.
The sock knitting recommenced last night, bliss!
I was slightly unsure about the heel turn, as I have made this sock bigger than previous ones, but I am thrilled that Christine's instructions for changing sizes are very comprehensive so I needn't have worried!

Monday, 22 May 2017

What..Three Days and No Sock Knitting!

We were promised sunshine today...and we got exactly that!
How lovely its been!
The Teens both woke feeling well thankfully.
Teen One spent the day at her school placement whilst Teen Two of course has Monday's off
but he has been very industrious...
...he cleaned the car for me...
...cleaned out the gerbils and then cleaned out the bunnies.
The weather was so lovely I was able to get several loads of washing dry, but am missing my low line, which was taken down during the building work.
I just know Hubby is going to hate drilling into the new PVC conservatory!
I visited my Monday Recycled Teenager as usual, who sadly wasn't well enough to come out today,
I must confess to starting to feel a little worried about her health right now.
The rest of the day was spent pottering, aside from a brief sit in the garden when my friend popped in during her lunch break...I think that's the first time we have sat in the garden this year, it was lovely!
The builder came by to check out the weather proofing and was disappointed to have a couple of small leaks, so he is getting hold of the roof manufacturers for some rubber seals to go in  between the struts.
Having not managed to fit in any sock knitting for a few days I am getting serious withdrawal symptoms!
Tonight I hope to remedy that!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

A Quieter Than Usual Sunday

Today has been a quieter day than usual.
Firstly we learnt this morning that Teen Two had been ill in the night...
...then when Teen One came down, we learnt that she had been up with one of her stomach migraines!
So the three of us stayed home from church this morning.
I pottered instead, whilst of course making the usual roast dinner....I thought of Teen Two when I saw this quote...he often says it to me...but he is of course biased!
Needless to say he was on rations today!
This afternoon was quieter too, some snoozing on the sofa and just a quick game or two afterwards.
I am hoping everyone has a quiet night and recovers completely ready for the new week.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

The End Is In Sight!

Today has been rather a busy one for Teen One and I.
We went to church late morning to get organised for our annual church conference.
I had made some jam jar rainbow jellies for any kids who came along with their parents,
there was a small handful and they enjoyed the little treat.
I also put out a Teen One's chocolate fountain, which they huddled around for most of the tea session!
However Teen One and I have decided we aren't going to keep it, its so small, and barely flows at all, it would be much easier to just put a bowl of melted chocolate out!
I think the problem is the size of the fountain, but it was only a tenner some years ago from Robert Dyas so what did we expect!
Teen One did her usual fruit flower display, which everyone enjoyed and felt were too pretty to eat...but what was the point in making them if no one was going to eat them I said!
I had taken along my tulips to decorate the tables with, adding some white stocks and gyp, some of which now adorns my kitchen window sill.
The builders came late morning to finish off making the roof water tight.
They are coming back on Monday to wash the roof down.
The conservatory and garden has been left clean and tidy, with none of the tools here or in the garage, so I assume that means their work here in the main is done.
I am still waiting for a price on the tiling, and no doubt I will have to wait a bit as I suspect they have a new job to start next week.
Life will still be chaotic indoors as I cant move everything out of the front room until the tiling is done, but at least the end is in sight!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Customer Service Is King (Cole!)

I was delighted to wake to sunshine this morning, it meant the builders would be able to get the roof on and get the plastering done finally.
I had shopping to do, not only family food for the weekend, but church food too, we have a conference tomorrow and I pick up what's not been volunteered by the other members.
With that job out of the way, I came home to find this parcel waiting for me!
It was the wool from King Cole, to recompense me for the faulty ball I had complained about.
As FQ2FF said "Customer Service is King!"
I will have enough sock yarn to keep me going for quite a while that's for sure!
Thank you King Cole for caring about your customers!
After the usual chores, I took time out to do a bit of knitting.
For the first time  I am attempting to make this pair bigger, seeing as they are for a man.
I am using the pattern from Winwick Mum's blog for the bigger size. Its the decreasing that will be interesting!
The builders worked hard, the main slog is done, everything else should be less time consuming and not weather reliant.
Its lovely to see the blue skies through the new glass roof.
Its tinted, so is dark from the outside, to minimise sun damage and intense heat inside, but from inside it looks clear...very clever!
Local cats used to use our old roof as a short cut....it will be funny to see them walking across this one...if they brave it of course.
At the risk of repeating myself, I found some tiles that were within my price range earlier in the week, and the kind man at Topps Tiles worked it out to be just over £300, with their current sale price.
Today I went in to buy them, only to discover they don't hold many tiles in stock, and it would be two weeks before they arrived, which was longer than I wanted to wait unless I really had to.
Whilst considering my options I asked for a final price, as I wanted two square metres less than I had originally asked the assistant to price up.
When today's assistant worked it out it was almost £700!
I explained  I had asked for a price on Monday and it was half that price, of course I hadn't asked for a print out (which she said I should have been given anyway) so it was only my word against theirs.
Well this really put a different spin on things....so I said I would come back tomorrow but needed to look around first.
I went straight to Tile Giant...on the same estate, walked straight in saw more or less the same tile...just a slight difference in size, asked the assistant to price it up....£300+ and would be available by Tuesday!
Seeing as only an hour ago I had activated a 10% off purchases with my bank card for Tile Giant I didn't need to think twice about the purchase
The builder suggested today we have tiles instead of skirting as well...which I wasn't sure about when he explained it, but I happened to notice its in the above picture and quite like the look...no painting of skirting every few years, just a swish over with the mop when I clean the floor.
We have yet to get a price for the job, we have already spent way more than we intended....but I guess if its worth doing, its worth doing well.
At Friday club our Bible story was the Good Samaritan, for the activity we did cut outs of the children's hands and then got them to write along the fingers ways in which they could show kindness or be helpful to those around them.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Learning Lessons On Our Vehicle Taxing System!

Well the rain did finally stop yesterday and we awoke this morning to sunshine, sadly by mid afternoon the rain had settled in for the rest of the day, meaning the builders didn't achieve as much as they had hoped.
They did however get the purlin beam put up ahead of the glass roof going up tomorrow.
The electrician came around lunch time and sorted out the power.
Originally we were told we couldn't have a light in the same place ( the middle of the conservatory) so I chose a bar spotlight set yesterday to go above the door ( as suggested by the builder) and spread the light around.
Today however the electrician said it was fine to go on the beam, so that's what we went with, but I would have chosen a different style I think had I known that was possible.

I spent the morning at Church for Parent and Toddlers.
One of our mums has been absent for a few weeks.....and came long today with her new arrival!
A bonny bouncing boy!
As usual we presented her with a hand knitted baby cardi...

...and a Baby's First Bible.
The builders had the power off during the afternoon, so my plans to sit and chill for a bit and either surf the net or watch some TV went out of the window.
After a bit of pottering I heard the postie come and was rather shocked to open a letter from the DVLA saying I should have renewed my car tax at the end of April and if I hadn't done so, should not be driving my car!
I must admit to having received a previous letter, but had been told when the car was bought, it wasn't eligible for tax, so after briefly reading the letter and not seeing an amount payable, assumed it was just the DVLA's computer churning out unnecessary paperwork!
After hastily phoning the DVLA I learnt that whilst no payment is due, I still have to go through the process of taxing the car for legal purposes.
Seems a bit of a waste of time and money if you ask me, but to comply with the law I did of course go through the process.
I was rather mortified to think that I could have been stopped at any time and be deemed as driving an untaxed car and maybe get a hefty fine!
Lesson learned!
For Teen One it was a day back in school, for her second placement.
They had all hoped to be given different schools, but have all been sent back to the original school, which has its challenges!
Today happened to be the first day of OFSTED as well, so the poor teachers didn't really want to have students in the class as well, so Teen One and friends spent the morning in the staff room, reading through policies...how boring informative!
With the power back on, I made the most of the last half hour before dinner needed to be made, and enjoyed a quick cuppa and started the new sock yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners, Passion Fruit Cooler and am really enjoying it.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Well The Garden Might Need The Rain...But....

... but my new roofless conservatory doesn't!
We awoke to the tarpaulin bulging with water!
The builders weren't too phased by it and simply slit the bulges catching the downfall in buckets
we now have buckets everywhere catching the streams of water coming through the slits, and I cant help but be concerned by the damp creeping up the newly applied plasterboard!
The builders called it a day at lunch time, they had hoped to get on with the plastering and a few other jobs, but that just wasn't possible.
I went tile shopping first thing and in the first shop I found a tile I liked and 33% off too!
The assistant allowed me to take a sample free of charge, which surprised the builder when I told him!
He gave it the ok, having told me not to buy too cheap or the tiles would crack under the first bit of pressure, or when being cut to size.
Tonight he is going to price up the job for me....fingers crossed its in my budget!
I also chose some lighting as the electrician is coming tomorrow, and was delighted after much searching to find what I wanted had been reduced by 50% when I went to collect it from B&Q!
Every penny  (or pound!) helps!
Before taking Teen One and her friend into Uni to drop off their assignments,
I made a start on some rainbow jellies.
We have a special conference at church this weekend and I know there will be some children there, so thought this would brighten up the tea table for them ( and my Teens will love them too!)
I took my knitting  in the car with me, just in case the girls were longer than expected, and as both decided to go to the library for some books to help with their next assignment, I was able to whip up a few rounds...

....but it will be a while before I do any more to this project as when we arrived home, the postie had been!
The colour on the right (Passion Fruit Cooler) is for my cousin's 22yr old son who chose it himself!
His sister's told me he had some eccentric styles.....all the more fun for me!
I am pleased to say King Cole have been more than generous in their response to my issue with the missing band of colour.
Not only did they respond to my email the same day, they have posted a replacement ball of yarn ( I didn't have the heart to say I had fallen out of love with the colour) and two more different shades!
It has renewed my confidence in buying their yarn again.
Mistakes can't be helped, but its good to know they care about customer satisfaction.
Thumbs up to King Cole!